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Sharecast for 6-20-18


  • Lettuce: 2 pieces

  • Garlic Scapes: 0.75 pounds (12 oz.)

  • Fennel: 1 piece

  • Red Kale: 0.75 pounds (12 oz)

  • Cucumbers: 4 pieces

  • Summer Squash: 2 pieces

  • Beets: 1 pound (16 oz)

Garlic scapes are a delicious item that may not be familiar to new CSA members. This article has a great explanation and some recipe suggestions. The beets we received this week have greens attached. Here are some ideas for how to use your beet greens.



No fruit this week. We anticipate the first delivery will be on 6/27/18.


Weekly shares of Eggs and Cheese. Other add-ons are back-ordered.