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First Delivery 6-13-18

We have received confirmation from the farm that our first delivery will be THIS WEDNESDAY, June 13th. You will be able to pick up your vegetables from 5:30-8pm at the Church of the Redeemer (30-14 Crescent St, Long Island City, NY 11102). Check your email on Wednesday afternoon for a sharecast email with details about the delivery.

Make sure your share partners received this email!
This email should be going out to all members at the email addresses provided on their registration forms. That being said, we did not get email addresses for all secondary share members, and we may have misread an email or entered it into our database incorrectly. Please check with all of your share partners to confirm that they received this email and contact us to add names/emails to this list.

Volunteer shifts are being entered in our online system over the next few days and you will receive a confirmation email when that happens. If you do not receive your confirmation email or if you need to reschedule your shift, please email our Emily Petrie volunteer@harvestastoria.com.
Get More Involved with the CSA
We are looking for additional Core Group Members and Volunteer Shift Leaders. Leading a volunteer shift or becoming a core member is a great way to support the CSA and to meet other members. As you know, Harvest Astoria is completely run by member volunteers, and we are always grateful for your help. The time commitment can be as little as 2-3 additional shifts per season, and the core group members receive a small monetary bonus from the farm at the end of each season. Please email if you would be interested in joining the core group.

Learn More About Norwich Meadows Farm

Here is a short note from the farmers at Norwich Meadows:

The farm has seen many ups and downs this year mostly due to the weather.  We have seen a cold wet spring punctuated with a few days of hot weather.  In fact, we're now in another cool spell. There have been highs in the seventies and lows in the fifties. For most crops this is ok, because they like the cool weather.  It is not good though for crops like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers who do not fare well with the cold.

Our crew has also been slightly delayed this year coming from Egypt. Unfortunately, we still have one of our best crew members absent due to administrative processing. As referred, he is now over 3 months late. However, all in all things look OK thank God.

We are looking forward to a good CSA season we have taken on an additional 80 acres of new land! This will allow us to do a better job of cover cropping. We plan on doing over 25 acres of cover crops this year which is over 3 times what we normally do.

Crops to expect the First week of the CSA include: Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Garlic, Radish, Chives, and mixed greens. 

You can find daily updates on what's happening on the farm by following their Instagram account.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!
Harvest Astoria CSA - Core Group