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Sharecast for October 19th, 2016


  • Carrots: 1 pound

  • Delicata: 1 piece

  • Ginger: 0.25 pound

  • Potatoes: 1 pound

  • Beets: 1 pound

  • Lettuce: 1 piece

  • Squash: 2 pieces

  • Pac Choi: 1 piece

  • Turnip: 1 pound

  • Greens: 0.5 pound

Pro tip: The fresh ginger in today's share doesn't last as long as what you get at the grocery store. I suggest cutting your share into 1-inch pieces and freezing any ginger that you won't use this week. It will last in the freezer for months and can be quickly defrosted and added to recipes without much change in flavor or texture.


Weekly fruit shares only this week.

  • Bartlett Pears: 3 pounds

  • Fuji Apples: 1 bag

A conversation with a member reminded me that apple butter is a great way to use extra apples. Each pound of apples cooks down to about 1 cup of apple butter and it can be made in a slow cooker or in the oven, making the process extremely easy and hands-off.


Weekly shares only this week.

  • Beef

  • Eggs

  • Milk