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Building Community

Dear HA members,

 We hope our CSA becomes not only a place for picking up farm fresh produce but also a space for engaged Astorians interested in all things fresh and local.  We’re sorry it has taken a while for us to get going with this project (who knew running a CSA could be this time-consuming?) ;)  We hope to begin creating an active space for activities, events and ideas related to improving our community.

Our first post is to share with you some of the things that CSA members are doing in and around Astoria.  We hope you can participate in some way or the other!  Let us know if you're involved in anything you'd like to share with other members.

Composting at Two Coves Community Garden using CSA scraps!


Our member, Dawn Henning, is trying to support Two Coves Community Garden’s composting efforts.  She hopes to establish a partnership with Two Coves and Harvest Astoria such that our veggie scraps can be collected and delivered to them to create nutrient-rich compost for their vegetable gardens (veggies turning back into more veggies!)   Please contact dawn.henning[at]gmail[dot]com if you’d like to help out.

Greenshores NYC


GSNYC is a coalition of individuals, community groups, and local businesses who have joined together to improve and promote the waterfront parks and shoreline in Astoria and Long Island City.  CSA member Dawn Henning helps to organize events and educational activities, and she is also the co-chair of the Street Tree Committee.   The Street Tree Committee focuses on providing much needed maintenance work to our neighborhoods’ many street trees to ensure their long survival, to beautify our neighborhoods, and to improve the ecological integrity of our watershed.    If you’re interested in getting involved, please email dawn.henning[at]gmail[dot]com.

The Stolen Chair Theatre Company

The Stolen Chair Theatre Company is transposing the model of community supported agriculture (CSA) to the world of the performing arts. In the CSA model, members invest in a farm at the beginning of the season and then receive their share of the produce that is harvested. In Stolen Chair's case, members will provide "seed money" for the company's development process, and then reap a year's worth of theatrical harvest! We hope this new business model will provide us the financial support we need and provide our members with an opportunity to be emotionally and creatively involved in a community of theatre-goers and -makers. This experiment in fixing the broken arts economy is being supported by an innovation grant from The Field (funded, in part, by the Rockefeller Foundation's Creative Innovation grant), and we'll soon be applying for the last phase of funding. Before we reach this final phase, we'd like to hone our ideas by talking to theatre-goers, CSA members, and fans of our work. This is where you come in!

The Stolen Chair Theatre will be hosting a focus group in the near future. We'll present our plans to you and then invite you to tell us what sticks, what stinks, and what still needs more work.  Please contact CST@stolenchair.org for more information or to reserve your spot.



Food Pulse launches!

Coming soon - food and agriculture in the news, in politics, in the area - brought to you by the Harvest Astoria team.

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