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Sustainable solutions still outperform GMOs!

From the Organic Consumers Association:

Have you heard the industry line "We need GMOs to feed the world"? The truth is, there are sustainable organic practices that far outperform GMOs. Learn more here:




Tack action with Food Democracy Now! Divest Monsanto


You're already interested in organic farming and sourcing food locally.

Here are some ways to get more involved with fighting the dark forces that work against those values!

Sign their Letter to Shareholders

Support the National Day of Action by showing up on May 9th in New York City!




Fooducate Yourself - Smart Phone App Brings Nutrition Info To Your Pocket

Last fall we came across Fooducate, an iOS and Android app that gives you a sneaky peek inside packaged food ingredients, and were impressed. Then in December, Apple chose Fooducate as the best app in the Health & Fitness category in their App Store Rewind 2011 year end retrospective.

Fooducate is dead simple and a great way to get better informed about what you're eating. Just use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan the UPC code of just about any packaged food and Fooducate will come back with information the manufacturer may not have been very transparent about, along with recommendations for healthier alternatives.

Just a few days ago, they launched a companion website that lets you enter UPC codes manually for the same information, so you don't need a smart phone to eat smart!



Belated Earthday and PlaNYC News

We recently featured this in the Farm News section, but thought maybe we should link it here for you Food Pulse followers, as the content surely applies to both.

Click here for the article: "Earth Day/Foodworks Update Letter - Farmer Zaid Selected For First Government-Based CSA in NYC"


Honey Laundering

Farmer Zaid clued us in to this revealing article on the seedy underbelly of the international honey trade. You'll be shocked!

Click here for the article.