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Breakdowns, Woodland Creatures, and MORE HEAT!

Please take a moment to be grateful for all that the folks out at the farm are going through this year. They don't seem to be able to catch a break, yet are still getting delicious stuff to us week after week. Here's the latest report:

Writing you this from the side of the road, the van we rent in the summer to haul the tables, tents, and market setup gear broke down. This is the second breakdown in 3 weeks.....We are contemplating farming in the south if this weather keeps up, we hope this is not how summers are going to be. While the tomatoes are doing well, the peppers are showing signs of heat damage. The cool season crops are suffering, we have lost a lot of greens to the heat and to wildlife that prefers our relatively lush vegetation to the woodier wild stuff. We have not had good rains in a while so this causes the wild vegetation to become woody and thus not so desirable to the deer, woodchucks, etc. Overall, the summer crops such as squash are doing very well and that will be reflected in the share and the greens will be a little tougher due to the heat.


Heat Continues To Complicate Farming

This report came in this morning from Norwich Meadows:

Another hot week....we had to deal with both coolers breaking down and the stress on all the people of working in the heat. Everybody and everything is tired of this heat. This has to be record breaking..we are styarting to have watermelons ripen..this is a full two weeks ahead of schedule. Last week we planted about 1 acre of winter squash in NJ. I spent Sunday reworking and tweaking the irrigation there we have to move water 3600' from well source to field and all uphill....please pray for us.


"Yo-Yo" weather at the farm, but crops generally doing well

The latest from Zaid on temperatures, rain, and pests:

The yo yo weather continues: We had a good dose of summer over  the last 2 weeks which advanced our crops so that we had to start CSA early. Now we are back to high 60s and 40s at night with rain (that was much needed). Upstate NY weather is just so unpredictable and that leaves us guessing as to what is next? Crops in general are doing well and we hoped to not have any cucumber beetles but they too showed up. Cucumber beetles are our worst pest because all stages of the life of this insect effect the cucumber family (cucumbers and squashes). The adults feed on plants and infect them with viruses and bacteria. and the larval stage feeds on the roots.