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Peak Harvest Brings Variety

On the farm:
Mid August already and we are still planting a few items for fall and winter. Everybody is working hard to harvest, prep (drying and cleaning onions and garlic), we are also starting to make pickles and other value added products. We are at peak harvest now and things like watermelons and melons will be done. The heat compressed the melon season, for example, from our normal 6 weeks to about 3-4 weeks.; Other effected crops include eggplants, peppers, and greens. Enjoy the variety now while it is here.

Heat and Breakdowns Persist, Late Blight Returns

This summer is an unusual one for sure, and it continues to take it's toll on the farm. Here's the latest:

The most heat since recorded meteorology ??? That's what they are saying now..we continue to battle the effects of that; last night another cooler died. All in a day...we are finishing up fall and winter plantings as the window is almost gone...You are getting more and more summer stuff and soon the tomatoes will be coming along. Late blight is rearing it's ugly head again....please pray for us.


The Heat Wave Continues as Norwich Meadows Prepares to Ramp Up New Jersey Farming

The extreme heat we're feeling in the city is also affecting our farm. Zaid sent a note detailing some of the changes, and letting everyone in on the latest expansion of Norwich Meadows: new farmland coming online soon in New Jersey. Our food is getting even more local!

The hottest summer we have experienced in our 10 + years farming (global warming??) has made us rethink how we do things. We normally have very few days above 85° F. We are planting things for the fall and winter both in Norwich and in a week or so at our new NJ location. I went out yesterday and we started installing irrigation for our new fields. Three thousand feet of 4" hose laid out going up hill in 90°+ weather...at least there was a cold spring where the head starts for the irrigation and I was able to wade in the stream while awaiting...pressure readings 3000' away´╗┐.


Farm Updates for June 16th, 2010

The latest from farmer Zaid:

Just as summer appeared it has now disappeared. We had some night time lows in the 40's. But this is NY weather and we are used to it. We had 2.5 weeks of no rain and the dust bowl seemed immanent; now it is muddy again.  Cucumber Beetles made there appearance so we are all nervous now. Over 35 people visited from mainly [Harvest Astoria]. They toured Evans Farmhouse and our farm. All had a good time and I rode back with them on the bus to NYC. We are very busy now between CSA, Markets, planting, weeding, preparing, and being rusty and training new people. So keep us in your prayers please.


Mid-March news from Norwich Meadows

The seedling houses are bursting with onions and greens soon to be transplanted. Haifa is in the greenhouse on this beautiful sunny day (75 f in the greenhouse) planting peppers into 20 row seedling trays. This will then be planted into larger containers (72's) that will then go in the ground.

We just got back from our trip to see family and friends. While in Egypt filling out applications for our employees for their visas we learned that the process had changed (I had no idea that I would have to become an expert at this when I first signed up for this program*&^%).

So we are in startup mode we will begin planting seedlings for the CSAs in another week ot two at the most. Vegetables like lettuce, greens,beets, and cabbages will be planted to be harvested around mid June. We have conducted a national search for an experienced farm manager! 

*** Check out pictures from Zaid's trip to Egypt on his website!***