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Peak Harvest Brings Variety

On the farm:
Mid August already and we are still planting a few items for fall and winter. Everybody is working hard to harvest, prep (drying and cleaning onions and garlic), we are also starting to make pickles and other value added products. We are at peak harvest now and things like watermelons and melons will be done. The heat compressed the melon season, for example, from our normal 6 weeks to about 3-4 weeks.; Other effected crops include eggplants, peppers, and greens. Enjoy the variety now while it is here.

Breakdowns, Woodland Creatures, and MORE HEAT!

Please take a moment to be grateful for all that the folks out at the farm are going through this year. They don't seem to be able to catch a break, yet are still getting delicious stuff to us week after week. Here's the latest report:

Writing you this from the side of the road, the van we rent in the summer to haul the tables, tents, and market setup gear broke down. This is the second breakdown in 3 weeks.....We are contemplating farming in the south if this weather keeps up, we hope this is not how summers are going to be. While the tomatoes are doing well, the peppers are showing signs of heat damage. The cool season crops are suffering, we have lost a lot of greens to the heat and to wildlife that prefers our relatively lush vegetation to the woodier wild stuff. We have not had good rains in a while so this causes the wild vegetation to become woody and thus not so desirable to the deer, woodchucks, etc. Overall, the summer crops such as squash are doing very well and that will be reflected in the share and the greens will be a little tougher due to the heat.


Zaid's Advice on Storing Leaf Greens

Zaid recommends a salad spinner. If you are like me, you have avoided making this purchase either for lack of space or feeling like it's just another silly kitchen gadget. BUT NO! This is coming from "the man" himself.
He said to get a salad spinner, wash and spin the greens to remove moisture and keep them in a bag that has some holes cut in it, and to store them in the COLDEST place in your fridge. I am looking forward to testing this method.
On a side note, he recommends that cucumbers and squash be kept in the WARMEST area of your fridge.