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Fall Has Arrived. For Real. This Time.

Fall is here and leaves are turning and dropping upstate. Four of the Egyptians are scheduled to leave in next 2 weeks which is the sign of the end of the season. We are planning for next year all ready as I need to work on visas now. The Department of Labor rep we work with will be here tomorrow to start the process. A season has gone by so quickly....We have not had our frost yet but the forecast shows a possibility on Sunday and overcast rainy weather for the balance of the week. NJ farm will not have a frost and will have sun after Thursday, this contrasts the difference 150 miles makes.


An Abrupt End To Fall

Zaid talks about the rapid decline of summer, and gives us a peek into the planning that's already begun for next season:

Fall has set in with temps in the 50's, what an abrupt end to summer. We could get another week of warm weather next week I hope. The frost can happen for us as early as 9/20 and as late as 10/10...we will see. We will begin planting garlic for next year in the next few weeks..but things are winding down and crops are on the verge of running out. So enjoy tomatoes for a little while longer..the melons are gone and many of the summer crops such as peppers and eggplants peaked weeks ago and did not do as well as we wanted due to the heat. We are already thinking about next years crops and all the issues that go with that.