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Closing June Farm News

The latest from the farm, brough to us of late by Zaid's daughter:

The weather is still a major issue; lots of rain and gloom with little to no sun. Thankfully, though, the crops are growing pretty well. We are still awaiting the arrival of the last three Egyptians. Very recently we have added a trio of Guatemalans to our crew because of this. This weekend we were to host a group of CSA members from Washington Square and Harvest Astoria, but the trip was cancelled, with the hope of rescheduling in September or October. Anyone interested should speak to the organizers there. This week marks the second week that Zaid and Haifa have been at the markets, chicken processing, and the start of the summer CSA deliveries. On a slightly sadder tone, both of the walk-in coolers broke down at the same time, making life quite challenging. On the flip side, the truck that was involved in an accident in NYC is coming back tomorrow. Interesting tidbits from NJ involve a teenage deer living inside a fenced off section of land (there are 12 acres with 8ft high deer fence), and the harvesting of okra.