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Harvest Astoria CSA Volunteer Checklist and Tips



• Please arrive at the church promptly at 8:30am, and check in with the shift coordinator.  

It’s really important that everyone is there on time so the coordinator can lead one quick pre-shift meeting.


• Set up tarps, tables and scales

  +Tables are located in the distribution room, near the left side wall (labeled Harvest Astoria CSA).

  +Tarp and plastic boxes with supplies and scales can be found in the church basement.

  +Lay down the tarp and set up tables on top to avoid dirtying the church floor.


• Bring up empty bins and coolers

  +Empty bins are found in the church basement.

  +Set bins on church pathway outside the red door, until the truck arrives.

  +All green and black bins must be returned to the farm truck.

  +Bring coolers from the basement and set near add-ons table.

  +Add ice packs to add-on coolers (can be found in freezer in the kitchen).


• Unload full bins from the truck

  +Handcarts are located inside the gate of the white fence, up the driveway next to the church property (off Crescent).

  +Move bins from back of truck to sidewalk, or right onto the handcart.


• Count and check in deliveries of veggies, fruit and add-ons (done by Point Person)

  +Cross-reference the delivery invoice with the actual number of bins / boxes / add-ons.

  +Note any products that were not delivered or delivered short.


• Move bins into the church

  +Use handcart to move bins from truck to inside of church.

  +Organize bins of same veggies together.


• Label veggies

  +Make signs for each veggie “station” with veggie name and weight, and attach to tables.

  +Write all veggie names and weights on white board.

  +Set up scales for any items that need to be weighed, and check that they’re set to oz/lb.


Making your shift run more smoothly:

-Try to finish the table setup before the produce bins start coming into the church, so the veggies can go right onto the tables.

- Setting up the inside of the church as early as possible will help to only have to move the bins of produce once.

-Produce bins stack in such a way that the striped handles should alternate if stacking full bins. Empty bins will fit into each other if the striped handles line up.

- Adding the ice packs to the coolers is VERY important. The add-ons run the risk of spoiling if the coolers aren’t packed with the ice packs.








• Please arrive at the church promptly at 5:30pm, and check in with the shift coordinator.


• Check-in (one person)

  +Check in members on the membership list.

  +If anyone is new to the process, explain how the pick-up works.


• Add-ons (usually done by Duane)

  +Check in members with add-ons.

  +Take note of any add-ons that are short.


• Fruit

  +Check in members with fruit shares (usually done by Sarah).

  +Help with scales as needed.

  +Break down empty fruit boxes and bag them.

  +New clear plastic bags are kept in the cabinet beside the stairwell.

  +Remove bagged boxes to trash area outside.


• Veggies

  +Help with scales as needed.

  +Make sure that people aren’t taking too much.

  +Take note of any badly damaged / rotten / unacceptable produce; report to Point Person.

  +Sweep or pick up any debris on the tarp throughout the evening.

  +Collect and then store empty bins in the church basement.


• Clean up, take out trash

  +Fruit boxes must be flattened, put into clear bags, and taken to the garbage.

  +Any excess veggies still available after parishioners take the leftovers should be put into the compost bins (unless there are other donation arrangements).


• Break down tables, sweep and mop tarp.

  +Wipe down tables with a wet sponge (fill a scale bowl with soapy water, available in the church kitchen, sponges are in our sponge basket).

  +Dump any water from the coolers, store ice packs in the freezer, and store empty coolers (left open to air out) in the church basement.

  +Sweep and mop the tarp, and fold and store it in the basement.

  +Fold up any tables and store.

  +Stack and put away any chairs used.

  +Spot sweep/mop church floor.

  +Pack up scales, checklists, and any other CSA equipment and store in church basement.


Making your shift run more smoothly:

-As veggie bins begin to empty, consolidate bins, and carry empty bins to storage space in the church basement.

- As fruit boxes begin to empty, consolidate boxes, flatten empties and bag them. Once you have a full bag, bring it to the trash space outside of the church.

- As bins empty, consolidate tables, and put tables away if they’re not needed.

- If you continually clean up, consolidate and organize throughout the evening, you’ll have considerably less to do at 8 when we cut off pickups, and will allow everyone to leave a bit early.

At the end of the evening shifts it should look as though our CSA had never been in the church.