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A plethora of Add-Ons are also offered on a weekly or biweekly basis throughout the season. There should be approximately 20 weekly deliveries and 10 biweekly deliveries. Please note that at times items are subject to unavailability with little or no advance notice. You are responsible for picking up your add-ons each week. If you do not pick up your add-ons, or send someone to pick them up for you, they will be donated. 

We also hold three "Market Days" where you can place advance orders for any of the available products and then pick them up at Distribution along with your veggies.

 Add-on items available are as follows

Kreimheld Dairy Farms: Organic Butter

Ithaca Milk: Whole Milk, various flavors of Yogurt

Kutik's Honey Farm: Wildflower or Clover Honey

Norwich Meadows Farm:  Farm-Fresh Eggs  

*All Norwich Meadows animal products are organic, grass-fed and free-range* 

Other Local Products:  Halal Pastures Chicken and Beef, Morning Rise Granola and Vegan Granola, Palatine Cheese, Cider, Maple Syrup

Summer 2017 Pricing is as follows:


Unit Price

Weekly Share

(20 Weeks)

Bi-Weekly Share

(10 Weeks)

Fruit Share

Local Farms and Orchards




Cheese 8 oz. Mixed Flavors Palatine




1 dozen Eggs Norwich Meadows Farm

**Eggs are for 11 or 22 weeks




Original Granola Mountain Rise



Vegan Granola Mountain Rise



Ground Beef (Pasture Raised and/or Organic) approx 1 lb (.94-1.03 lbs) Halal Pastures




Whole Organic Chicken (3.35-3.65 lbs.) Halal Pastures



Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta Norwich Meadows Farm



Quart Maple Syrup Country Morning Maple


Pint Maple Syrup Country Morning Maple


Butter 1/2 lb Kriemhild Meadow



Quart Whole Jersey Milk Ithaca Milk




32 oz Mixed Flavors Yogurt Ithaca Milk




6 oz Mixed Flavors Yogurt Ithaca Milk




1 lb Wildflower Honey Kutiks Honey Farm



1 lb Clover Honey Kutiks Honey Farm



Apple Cider Red Jacket




Please email jenni@harvestastoria.com with any questions or for more detailed information.